Living Life as a Main Character


I am super excited to be re-launching my blog! I am changing a lot because I wasn’t happy with what my blog was before. It was just another book blog which is fine but… I want to do more than just post reviews or a monthly haul. I want to let my creativity show through my words and not just my photos.

I have only posted around three posts so far. This one and two others which you can see here and here. I did a poll and most people preferred that I didn’t have a lot of posts already up and ready so that is why the blog is pretty bare but don’t worry! More posts are coming soon.

I am going to give you a kind of outline for what I want this blog to be. The posts I do have up are pretty stranded but that is because the more exciting posts take time which is fine because I want them to be the best they can be. I hope that fine with you as well! But before we get into that I thought I would introduce myself a little bit. Well, you can call me Bunny but that isn’t my real name. It is the name I use online…not because I hate my real name, I actually really love it. It just turned out this way (this is such a long explanation about my nickname and it doesn’t even explain anything haha).

I read YA mostly and fantasy is my favorite. I am also writing a YA fantasy book but I am just in the planning stages with like a few chapters written. A few other things I love are anime, manga, watching vlogs, fashion and taking nature photos. I have a cat name Max and he is basically my child. My best friend and I share a fish! His name is Czerny but if you ask my twin sister what’s his name is she would tell you something different. Recently, I got a new kitten and his name is Sasuke. Do you know where his name come from?

That’s basically me in a nutshell so let’s get on with talking about each section of the blog.

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May’s Book Haul – 2018

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I got roughly around ten books this month but I can’t remember all of them but if you guys like these kinds of post I will just make a stack each month of books I get so none will be left out like this month. Do you guys even want more monthly hauls or do you not care about the books I get? Pleaaaassse let me know!

I want to say up front that most of these books I received for a tour or for a review from a publisher or author. I’m so grateful that I am in this position that I do receive books.

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Suicide Hotlines (all over the world)

*Danny, formely of, has compiled a list of suicide hotlines from around the world:

Argentina: +5402234930430
Australia: 131114
Austria: 017133374
Belgium: 106
Bosnia & Herzegovina: 080 05 03 05
Botswana: 3911270
Brazil: 212339191
Canada: 5147234000 (Montreal); 18662773553 (outside Montreal)
Croatia: 014833888
Denmark: +4570201201
Egypt: 7621602
Finland: 010 195 202
France: 0145394000
Germany: 08001810771
Holland: 09000767
Hong Kong: +852 2382 0000
Hungary: 116123
India: 8888817666
Ireland: +4408457909090
Italy: 800860022
Japan: +810352869090
Mexico: 5255102550
New Zealand: 045861048
Norway: +4781533300
Philippines: 028969191
Poland: 5270000
Russia: 0078202577577
Spain: 914590050
South Africa: 0514445691
Sweden: 46317112400
Switzerland: 143
United Kingdom: 08457909090
USA: 18002738255