Ruined – Review


“The memory of how he felt when he cared about her was going to be the most painful thing after he began to hate her.”
Amy Tintera, Ruined

Ruined by Amy Tintera 
Summary on Goodreads
Pages: 355
Book 1 out of 3 
Rating: Four Stars - ⋆⋆⋆⋆

I was nervous to pick up this book because I read Amy Tintera other books Reboot 
and Rebel. I didn't hate them but I didn't love them either. I was very surprise 
to find out that her writing have improved a lot! Which is what counts. No author's 
first book(s) will be as good as their newest ones because the more you write
the better you'll get. I will say that Ruined is not the best written fantasy book
out there but it is enjoyable! A part of the reason why I'm giving it four stars 
isn't because it have an outstanding plotline with great writing. It is because
I could not put the book down. This book reminds me a lot of The Selection Series
by Kiera Cass in terms of writing. The Selection Series is another series that I 
could not stop reading.
There are some issues that needs to be mention. The two main characters 
seem to fall in love with each other pretty fast but with that being said the
author did something that I do not see a lot in Young Adult literature which is
even when you forgive someone it doesn't mean what they did is okay or right. 
I can't say more than that without talking about spoilers. I also have an issue 
with the "love scenes" because they happen back to back. The pacing for them
isn't the greatest. 
Now lets talk about some of the things I love about this book. The ending! I love
the ending of this book! It is perfect and I want the second book now. I want to
know what is going to happen to these characters! I am hoping for the next book
to be dark. I love how fast pace it is and how the book took a turn I didn't
expect. This book isn't as cliché as you think it will be while reading it. 
Ruined is an easy fantasy world to understand with simple concepts. 
If you are looking for an easy fantasy book then this book is perfect. 
Overall I think this book is a nice read with some really great qualities. If you
are looking for something to read then maybe give this book a go! Thank you for 
reading this review and I hope it was helpful. 

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