Goodreads Challenge?!


What do you guys think of the Goodreads Challenge? I think it is a great idea and I have done them in the past but the older I get I am starting to have some issues with the whole concept. I think this is mostly due to that I am busier and I have other stuff to do other than just school work and reading. So, recently I lowered my Goodreads Challenge to 25 books and I feel less pressured. Now I am having fun reading while getting all of my other stuff done. I am not worried and stressed out over it which is great because the whole point of this challenge is read and enjoy each and every book. What do you think guys think of the Goodreads Challenge? Do you get stressed out if you fall behind?

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One thought on “Goodreads Challenge?!

  1. I think the challenge is great when it’s going well 😀 My challenge for this year is 100 books, I think I’m one book behind, so it’s all good so far.
    I used to do much bigger challenges, a few years ago I challenged myself to read 365 books and it’s a good thing GR counts comic books too, or else I would never have done it 😀


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