First Reaction

Orange by Ichigo Takanko
Book: Manga – Collection One
Chapters: 11
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First Reaction:

For my First Reactions I usually talk about the plot, what I think may happen and if I will continue to read it but since this book is also a manga I am also going to talk about the art as well.

“A Plea From the Future…”

I am so excited to talk about this manga! I feel like this book is going to make me cry but in the best way possible. It is about a girl name Naho and she receives a letter from her future-self begging her to keep an eye out for the new transfer student, Kakeru, along with some other important information. I have read the first chapter which isn’t  a lot but since I only have the first collection I didn’t want to spoil myself before I could write this First Reaction. I am in shock by how good this first chapter is and I can see why so many people love this manga. The plot flows well and what I love most is the tone/mood of this manga. You can tell something is going to happen and it is going to be heart wrenching. It is not overly cheerful like a lot of Shoujo Manga such as Meteor Prince by Meca Tanaka.

Now lets talk about art! I have been reading manga and watching anime ever since I was 15 years old so I know my favorite kind of art style when it comes to manga and this is it! It’s simple when it needs to be and more detail when it calls for it. It’s a beautiful manga from the first page to the last. I cannot wait to read more of this manga! I want to know what is going to happen to these characters and why would your future-self beg you to change something or to help this one person when it could change everything? I am going ahead an buying the second collection because I can tell this is going to be a great manga. If you want to start getting into manga I think this is a good series to start with because it isn’t to long and it is very plot and character driven. Give this manga series a try because I don’t think you will be disappointed! Plus, the anime is currently airing so you can watch the adaptation after reading the manga.

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