Q & A

Recently Asked Questions:

  • How to start a book blog and how to get noticed?
    I get this question a lot and this is a hard question to answer but I will do my best. Be nice, communicate with other book blogs, and be original with your content. Write reviews, do bookish tags, and other fun book-like posts such as book photos. You want to stay active and post regularly. If you have anymore questions about this then please ask me.
  • How do I take my book photos?
    Please check out this post! I am sure it will help.
  • What is my favorite book and/or series?
    Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas.
  • How many followers do I have?
    I don’t see why this is important because I love all of my followers.
  • Who are my favorite bloggers?
    This is such a hard question but here are a few…. @rainydayscoffeeandbooks @buttermybooks @books-cupcakes
  • Who are my favorite bookstagramers?
    Here are a few: pollyandbooks, oatswithbooks, rudyslibrary_, pageswithinme, & storiesforcoffee.
  • When did I started my book blog?
    Over a year ago but I didn’t started seriously blogging until this may!
  • How do I stay up to date on books and bookish events?
    I follow authors social medias and sign up newsletters from publishers.
  • My reviews? Here.
  • Recommendations? Here.

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