Maybe it’s impossible to live life without any regrets. Even when you know the future… you’ll still mess up.”

Orange by Ichigo Takano – Collection One

Summary Here

Chapters: 11

Book: Manga

Rating: 5 Stars

If you haven’t seen my First Reaction on this manga then please check it out here because that may help you decide if you want to read this if you haven’t already read this beautiful manga.

Spoil Free Review: Collection One

I am in love with these characters and this beautiful story line. I am am going to buy the last collection soon because I need to see this heart wrenching story resloted. Ichigo Takano knows how to write characters with depth and she loves to make you suffer along with them. You learn so much about each of the characters and you get to see each of their unique personality unfold. I will say you learn more about the three main characters than the side characters but I think that will change once I read the last collection but we will see. Each character is relatable in one way or another which makes them and their problems seem so much more real.

This story is a blend of romance and tiny bit of sci-fi. I am shock about how well the sci-fi fits into this contemporary setting. The sci-fi elements are not masking the main points and setting of the story but you still see the time travel aspects and learn how time travel works in this universe. The plot have been thought through and you can tell because it flows like a river and it reviles information when needed. I believe that the second half of this story will bloom this manga into something unforgettable.

What I think make this manga one of the best I have read in about a year is the writing and art. When making a manga you have to have a great story like all books but you can only convey the plot through dialogue and the main character(s) inner thoughts. This can be hard but Ichigo Takano blew it out of the park! I didn’t miss the prose or exposition because the plot, characters, and the art made the world come alive and that is how you make a good manga. Let’s talk about the art for a moment because it is simple beautiful. It have details when it calls for it but it is also simple other places to convey this bitter-sweet story. If you haven’t read this manga then you should! Even if you never read manga before I believe this is the perfect place to start because it shows the beauty of manga in a way that feels like Young Adult Fiction. Please give this manga a try because you won’t be disappointed. You will have a lot of feels and tears in the best impossible way of course.

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