First Reaction – Devil’s Line

devil's line

First Reaction
Devil’s Line
Book: Manga Vol. 1
Goodreads Summary

First Reaction:

For my First Reactions I usually talk about the plot, what I think may happen and if I will continue to read it but since this book is also a manga I am also going to talk about the art as well.

“Well, all humans lives are equal, but not all humans are equally important.”

My twin sister told me that I needed to read this and I am all for a fun, fast paced, vampire manga! I had fun reading this manga but I do not think this is a good manga for people who are not used to reading manga because of a technical reason dealing with the speech-bubbles. Within the story/plot line there are people talking to one of the main character through his earphone but it is not stated. You have to figure it out and if you are not used to reading manga it may get confusing onto why there are “random” speech-bubbles.
The story itself is fun and a fast read! It isn’t the most amazing story but I did enjoy reading it. I think it is perfect for a reading slump or something easy to read in between books. The main character, Tsukasa, is a college student is saved from a vampire but her savior is a half-vampire. She is confused by this and she starts to learn more about what makes a monster and more about the vampire world. I cannot wait to read more volumes when I can because I want to see if this is going to become a complex world or is this a Twilight love story!
The art is fine and it have some beautifully drawn scenes but it isn’t my favorite style of manga art. Overall, I think this is a fun and fast read. I am hoping that the story is going to become more complex but I will see once I get around to buying the second volume. I don’t think I will write a review for this but I am going to give it three stars on Goodreads.

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