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Empire of Storms by Sarah J. Maas

Summary Here

Pages: 689

Book: 5 out of 6

Rating: 5 Stars

The world will be saved and remade by the dreamers.”
Sarah J. Maas, Empire of Storms

Spoil Free Review:

HOLY HECK! Sarah J. Maas did it again. She broke my heart into thousands upon thousands of pieces. Every book in this series just gets richer. This story have so much depth. It is like looking into a wish-well and you can’t find the bottom but you throw your coin in anyway but with hope. I don’t know where to start because so much happens. This 5th installment is beautiful but it is witty and fun. What I love most about Sarah’s books other than the story/characters is the writing. It’s witty and smart but it is still beautiful. Don’t you agree?

I feel like I learned so much more about these characters in this book. You really see their personalities spread. I can honestly say I feel like I am their friend because of this book. Every point of view is wonderful – I loved reading all of them. I want to point something out…I know that some people think that Aelin is so different from Celaena…that her character developed “weirdly” but Celaena is Aelin and Aelin and Celaena. They are different because Celaena became who she really is which is Aelin, the Queen of Terrasen. At the end of this book you can see that Aelin is brave and smart just as Celaena is but now she is also selfless which I think is the more Aelin side of her.

There are so many twist and turns that happens within this plot-line. Like I said this book have so much depth. I couldn’t guess what was going to happen next. I can’t get to much into plot without spoilers but lets just say IT IS EPIC!

If you haven’t read this yet then READ IT! If you haven’t started this series then WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!

Spoiler Part of the Review:

OH MY GOSH! THE END! THE BLOODY END! I wasn’t expecting that at all. I am still in shock. I couldn’t even cry while I was reading it. She and Rowan are married, Rowan is king, Aelin is with Maeve as a slave/prisoner, Dorian has the keys, Manon and Dorian is life, Elide is AWESOME, Lysandra and Aedion are so perfect and badass and Aelin got them an AMRY!

Question: I was confused a lot about where the characters were at times. They moved around a lot…did you get confused any? BUT I am so grateful for the map.

I love this book BUT it is not perfect. My main issue with this book is that we didn’t get a point of view from Choal! He is an important character. I want to know how he is doing and what he is doing.

OHH! Who else knew that Aelin and Rowan are mates? I am so excited about that and I ship them so much! I know some people do not like Rowan but I love how he treats Aelin…like his Queen…the Queen of his heart. Alein power is LARGER-THAN-LIFE. She is powerful and I love her magic so much. Man…there is so many things to say but I will stop here. Thank you for reading this and leave comments! Let’s discuss!

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5 thoughts on “Review – EoS

  1. Yess! I’m so glad you loved this! And have you seen the exclusive short story from Chaol’s POV that shows what he was doing during that time? I thought it added a ton! It’s in the British version (idk what British store) but I linked to some pics of it I found on tumblr if you still need it — it’s at the bottom of my review.

    But I totally agree with all of this – I loved all of the characters here so, so much! 🙂

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