Young Adult Books: Mental Health

Last week it was Mental Health Awareness Week and I thought I would give some recommendations that deals with different mental health issues.

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Hey guys!

I hope you are having a lovely Monday. I am sick with a cold but I’m trying to work through it. On most days I will try to post before noon but I got behind since I am sick but I am feeling better now since I took it easy this morning. Even though I am sick I went out into the forest beside my house to take some book photos for my bookstagram which wasn’t the best idea but oh well! If you are not following in on Instagram then you should if you like bookish photos. I post two times a day there so click here to follow!

Last week it was Mental Health Awareness Week! Whoa…that was a mouthful but it is important for people to learn and understand that mental illness is becoming common among today’s generation. I suffer from depression and social anxiety. It is a daily struggle but  with the proper support you can get through it. These six books deals with different types of Mental illness from anxiety to depression. I know there are a lot more books out there but here are six that I read and loved. Please leave some more books that have characters with mental illnesses because I would love to know of some more.

I’ll see you guys on Wednesday with another post. I will be talking about how to start a blog! So keep your eyes peeled.

Thank you for reading and have a lovely night. 

Bunny ❤

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