Editing Bookish Photos:

I have so many asks from people wanting me to explain how I edit my bookish photos. I am not going to go into a lot of details on how I edit my photos because it took me a long time to come up with my look BUT I will go over general things such as filters, brightness, sharpness, highlights, shadows, and contrast. If you want to see my photos check out here or my bookstagram! If you haven’t noticed I love to keep the color faded and overall look dark. I don’t like my photos to be bright but if that the look you are going then I don’t think this post will help you.


  • I use two filters when I edit my photos. It is all about finding the perfect combo. I do not use any editing apps. I just use Instagram to edit my photos.
  • It will take time to find the perfect combo of filters to use. It is all about trail and error.
  • It is important that you play around with the levels of the filters because you don’t always need to have a filter on full blast (100%). You can lower the level. I never use a filter on 100% because it makes the photo look more fake and over done.
  • As you can see above I pick the filter that I use then play around with the levels. I never have it less than 50 and no more than 60.


  • You do not want your photos too BRIGHT!
  • You do not want your photos too DARK!
  • You should always play around with the brightness and shadows levels. This can help change the complete look of your photos.
  • I love toning down the brightness in my photos because I use lots of light while taking them but I don’t want my photos that bright but if you don’t use a lot of light when taking the photos then they will look more blurry and dark. It is a balancing act!
  • The same goes for shadows. It is a balancing act. In the photo above you can see that when I lower the shadows I made the forest more darker which I love BUT you have to be careful because in some photos you do not want to make the shadows stand out. A good way to make sure you won’t have unwanted shadows is to face the light source or make your model/book face the light.  


  • I love sharping up my photos because I take a lot of photos of books which have words. I find that if I sharpen my photos it will help make the words or book covers clearer. 4
  • You never want to over sharpen. So be careful!

Contrast & Highlights:

  • I don’t always mess with the contrast but if I feel like the colors in the photo are very bright then I will lower the contrast. This is just my personal style. You may love bright colors which is fine!
  • I love lowering the highlights in my photos.

Final Look & Overall Check:


  • After you have your photo just right do a final check and make sure that the photo is clear with no glares unless you are going for that affect.

Important Editing Tips:

  • Use good lightening! Sunlight is best but you can also buy lighting which I did because it is becoming Winter so less sunlight.
  • Take your time coming up with your editing style! Do not copy people’s styles because it is rude.
  • You don’t need a fancy camera! I just use my phone’s camera.
  • It is not all about the editing! You need to take your time taking photos. I always plan out my photos before I take them and place your props in a aesthetically pleasing way.

If you have anymore questions then please leave a comment!

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