Bookstagram: Using Props

Today I am going to talk about using props in bookish photos and some of my tips! I am not sure how long this post will be but I will try to keep it short and simple.

Using props can take your book photos to the next level! But it can be hard to find where to place them or what to use or how to use a prop such as fairy lights. I hope this post will be helpful!

Using Flowers:

  • Real flowers or fake flowers it doesn’t matter! Flowers are one of the easiest thing to use in your photos because they are pretty and easy to place. You can put the flowers into a vase or just lay the flowers next to the books. The possibilities are endless!
  • REAL FLOWERS: Make sure they are alive and pretty unless you using dead flowers for a reason.
  • FAKE FLOWERS: Try to only show the flowers and not the steams of the fake flowers because it will show that you are using fake flowers and the steam of fake flowers are pretty ugly most  of the time.

Other Books:

  • Using other books within your book photo is another simple prop. You can stack the books, open them up to show the pages, use books as your background or flip them show you can see their spines.
  • LIBARAY BOOKS: Most library books have a plastic cover them and the light will reflect badly onto the plastic and cause a glare so be careful.

Fairy Lights:

  • I don’t use fairy lights (Christmas lights) a lot or at all because I find them crazy difficult to use! They make such a bad glare but it is possible to use them. You always need good lightening but you need VERY good lightening when using fairy lights because it will help stop the glare and shadows that the fairy light will cause.

Using Coffee/Tea/Food:

  • These are very simple props to use. I only have one or two tips for using food and drinks. Don’t use plates with a lot of design on them because it takes away from the food itself. You can use any mug or cup but make sure that the mug matches the theme of your photos. These are pretty simple tips that I really didn’t need to mention but I want to cover everything.


  • Find someone who is willing to help you! If they don’t want to be in your photo then don’t make them because it will show in the photos.
  • Already have a plan for how they should sit, where you want their arms, how you want them to hold the book, and ect. because it will be stressful for them and you if you know what kind of  photo you want to take.
  • Be kind to your models and understanding.


  • Be creative! Think outside of the box!
  • Use blankets, paper, drawings.
  • Use Seasonal props!

If you have anymore questions then please send me a message! I will try my best to help you.

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