“Lost Nowhere is a poetic fantasy, woven with spirituality and magical realism, that will encourage readers to learn how to accept fate and love themselves.”

̶ Lost Nowhere

Lost Nowhere by Phoebe Garnsworthy




Pages: 249

Rating: 5 Stars

I was sent this book from the author for a honest review. I was excited but nervous to read this book because I wasn’t sure how the author was going to write/deal with topics such as self-love. I didn’t want to read a fluffy or romanticized journey on how to love yourself! But I was surprised! This book was written beautifully and poetically with a main character that you will fall in love with. Her journey was magical and the way she dealt with her issues was real. It wasn’t fluffy but raw and thought through.

The author have traveled the world and you can tell that she is well informed about the topics in her book. Lily’s, the main character, journey was about learning to understand, accept, and love oneself. If this book sounds like something you would enjoy I highly recommend it! I gave this book Five Stars because the story was lovely, it was written with some of the best details I ever read in a book, and this book will be forever engraved on my heart.

The characters in this book are amazing and whimsical! Lily was the perfect main character! I love her dearly and you just want her to be happy! You will met many characters throughout this book and each one is unique! You have so much fun reading about them because they all have amusing but genuine personalizes. You can see each character clearly in your head. You will enjoy almost every character. They are written with lots of love and you can tell it. Not only are the characters wonderful but the world is mind blowing!

I honestly can’t believe how well this world is written and described! While reading I felt like I was there, living, smelling, and feeling this world. The reading of the this book was magical! You are on this journey with Lily so you will learn tips about how to love yourself. It is almost like you are learning to love yourself along with Lily. You get to watch Lily’s transformation and it will make you feel hopeful. This book is one of the best self-discovering books on there today.

Since I have just raved about this book so far it is now time to talk about the cons but luckily there aren’t many! My main issue with this book is that I am not 100% sure what time period this book was set it while reading it. I am guessing it is the late 1800s or it might be in the 1900s or 2000s for all I know but this doesn’t affect the story line because you aren’t in the “real” world 95% of the book.. Lastly, some people might not like the ending but I can’t say why without spoilers. Basically some people may not feel like the ending is closed but to me the ending is perfect! Lily’s journey is over so the story have ended but that is my opinion.

This book is perfect for anyone who have questioned life and yourself. I highly recommend this book. It is magical and heart-felt. You should buy a copy and I want to mention that this book is self-published which is great! It is important to support new/self-published authors because there are some amazing self-published books out in the world! Please give this book a try and let me know if read it!

I will be interviewing the author soon! Look out for her interview because it is going to be amazing!

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