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“Lost Nowhere is a poetic fantasy, woven with spirituality and magical realism, that will encourage readers to learn how to accept fate and love themselves.”

̶ Lost Nowhere

This is my first time interviewing an author but I am so excited because her book is magical! I want to share her book with everyone and I want you guys to learn more about her! Sooo…let’s jump right into the interview!

  1. Tell us little bit about your book.

Lost Nowhere is the story of Lily, a troubled teen, who doesn’t like change. She is forced to learn how to accept it, when she travels to an enchanted world full of mystical creatures, crystal stone beaches, mermaids and witches! It is a magical realism novel of self-discovery, woven with spirituality and self-help lessons that will encourage readers to accept fate and love themselves.

  1. What inspired you to write this book? I am asking because I am wondering did you ever struggled with loving yourself?

Yes, it took me many years to truly understand not only how to love myself, but what loving myself actually meant. I knew what I liked and what I didn’t like, but there was a disconnect of being true to myself somewhere along the way. And it took a long time to realize that loving yourself meant valuing your self-worth and accepting yourself completely as you are. Learning how to value my time and when to say no to people or situations that were not in my best interest was difficult for me because I always wanted to please others. I think in high school there is a lot of emphasis on needing to fit in when you should want to stand out. You focus your time on developing friendships with others, you forget to make friends with yourself first. When I was in high school I knew many people who silently suffered from mental illnesses such as depression and eating disorders. They inspired me to write this book, as I truly believe that loving yourself is the first step to overcome many mental health issues.

  1. I know that you have traveled all over the world. Have your travels influenced your book in any way and if so how?

Yes, definitely! I wrote the outline of my book while I was living at a yoga and meditation retreat in Ibiza. While being completely immersed in nature, I visited the beach daily, and through that time to myself I really understood the importance of something so simple – swimming in salt water. It always made my day. I would feel like a completely different person from spending time amongst the sun, salt water and sand. And as I travelled through Europe, USA, Asia and Australia, you learn new things about yourself from the simple pleasures of life. By observing the change of nature in your environments you adapt and change within yourself and you meet so many incredible and unusual people who influence your journey.

  1. Lily loves crystals and they play a big part in your book so do have your own crystals? Do you believe that they can give your power or positive energy?

I absolutely love crystals and I have collected crystals since I was a very little girl! I have a huge boxful! I definitely believe they give you positive and healing energy (there are encyclopedias filled with this information dating back from hundreds of centuries ago). All of the information in my book about crystals is true, I love to talk about their powers and the ways to use them. I always carry crystals with me in my purse every time I leave the house. And I collect them from various countries around the world. I like to give them as presents to friends and strangers. Crystals are so fascinating to me, another beautiful gift from the Earth.

Little tip: When buying a crystal – just pick up the first one you are drawn to, that’s the one you need – and when you read about their properties and benefits, I ensure you that it is exactly what you are looking for in your life! You were destined to pick that crystal up!

  1. You written so many unique characters and fun! Where did you get your inspiration from?

Thank you Creating characters are definitely fun! Many of the characters in my novel were influenced by people I have met along my travels. Each character starts with small characteristics from a combination of people and before the book is over they have come to life in my mind and I already know what they are going to say and how they are going to react.

  1. The cover of your book is beautiful and I was wondering if you would talk about all the amazing details without giving to many spoilers for the book and why you choose this cover?

Thank you, I love it so much too! The illustration is very symbolic of so many elements of the book. The clock represents the timeframe of Lily’s journey of self-discovery. And as she travels through the lands the key elements are symbolized i.e. mermaids, crystals, initiation etc. The ouroboros serpent symbolizes infinity, and the galaxy inside plays with spiritual philosophies. One being that our outside world is a projection of our inside world, and the core belief that we are made of stardust.

  1. What was your writing process like since you did self-published this book?

In all honesty I think the biggest struggle with self-publishing is having the confidence to pursue it. When you have a publishing house you have people who are supporting you, guiding you. But in self-publishing YOU are the only one believing in your dreams. Writing the book was fun and an organic process, the part that took the longest was having the courage to come out with it, because it is a big career change for me. And from how much I have learnt through the whole process, I am so happy that I self-published!

  1. Have you always wanted to write a book and if so did you know you wanted to write about self-love?

I love writing (I have kept a journal since I was 10), but I never knew that I wanted to be an author until a few years ago. Spiritual philosophies and conscious living are a part of my life that comes very naturally to me, and I am always interested in expanding on my knowledge at any time of day. The fairytale aspect is because as a child I adored fairies, mermaids, witchcraft – and my imagination was extreme. I was always playing games in my mind that the situation was more magical than it appeared to be. I wanted to somehow combine all of these thoughts and feelings into a book. And encourage others to never stop seeking magic in everyday lives. There are real life fairytales, they just aren’t what most people assume them to be. Sometimes you have to really believe it to see it.

  1. What do you want your readers to learn from your book and Lily’s journey?

I want my readers to believe in themselves. Take the time to get to know themselves, love themselves and live consciously with those around them. I am a firm believer in spiritual philosophies, meditation and healthy eating. I would love for people to expand their own awareness of what life really means. I want people to question everything that they are told. To not just do something because they are told one way to do it, maybe it is the best way – but try out as many ways as possible and maybe you will discover something new.

  1. If someone wanted to learn more about crystals, spirituality, and how to love oneself where are some places or books that you can recommend?

Spirituality explores an awareness of yourself and your life. It understands there is a connection between everything, you and the people around you, nature, the sun and the moon. There are many great avenues that you can use to discover more about spirituality. I would recommend to start by researching within yourself first. Go somewhere quiet and journal for awhile. Ask yourself some questions of what it is that you want to know, and as you write your answers (don’t think, just write). Explore your questions and answers everywhere. Ask your family, friends and strangers you meet. Research on the internet, read books and watch documentaries on any spiritual subject you are drawn to. I would research famous philosophers such as – Lao Tzu, Rumi, and quotes by scientific geniuses such as Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein etc. Learn and understand what these quotes mean as they are very deep and profound. My favorite quote by Rumi – “Love is the bridge between you and everything.”

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