Last Minute Bookish Gifts

I am always a last minute shopper but I wish I wasn’t because now I got to rush all around looking for gifts. (Honestly…I love it! I love Christmas shopping. Shopping with a coffee in my hand  is the best thing ever!) Soo…here is my list for gifts that are easy to get ahold of for the bookish nerd(s) in your life! Obviously there won’t be many if any online stores on this list because I think it is a bit late to be ordering things for gifts online. It may not make it in time!

Gifts at Most Bookstores:

  • Funko Pops! They are pretty cheap, cute, and perfect for anyone. If you don’t know they are little figures of book, movies, TV-Shows characters. You can find them at most bookstores! They are super easy gifts but meaningful because it will show that you remember their favorite character!
  • Bookmarks! Buttons! Tote Bags! Bookish Merch! A lot of bookstores have random bookish stuff. These are not good for main gifts but for the small/cute little gifts then these things are perfect.
  • Books! Books are perfect for gifts BUT make sure they don’t have the book you want to give them. I highly recommend buying special editions of their favorite books or signed copies.  
  • Bookstore Gift Cards! Giving someone a gift-card to a bookstore is super easy & I personally loving going to book shops and buying books so I am sure most book nerds do too. It’s free books. It’s great and the person can pick what they want.

Other Bookish Gifts:

  • Giving a subscription to a monthly bookish subscription service! I know a lot of subscription services already have boxes/subscriptions open for next year so you can give them as gifts! Some of my favorites are Novel Tea Club, My Book Box, Fairy Loot, & Owl Crate!
  • Gift Cards to Online Bookish Sites! I know some websites you can buy gifts-cards from and that is another easy gift. I know that have lots of bookish merch so a gift-card from there would be epic!

DIY Bookish Gifts:

  • Bookmarks! Once again this is another easy but heart-felt gift! It is perfect for a last minute gift.
  • Wands! You can make your own Harry Potter inspired wands. You can google this and find different ways to make your own wand for yourself or someone.
  • Banners! You can make a little banner with someone’s Hogwarts House or a quote from a book and it will be perfect for a booknerd’s bookcase or room.

I hope that this post have been helpful to you! Let me know if you love Christmas shopping or do you hate it? Happy Holidays!

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