How to get ARCs


Advance Reader Copies?!

A lot of people ask me how to get ARCs, Advance Reader Copies, from authors and publishers. There are many different ways to get books from authors and publishing companies. But here are three main ways to receive books other than going to book events.


This is one of the hardest and you won’t get on their list right away. You will need a good number of followers. Over 10K at least. Publishers are a business so they will pick/send books to people who can get the word out to a mass of people. That is how the world works! Publishers will contact you or get your information another way and they will send you books. I am not 100% sure how this works because I don’t even get books from well-known publishers.


Be proactive! You can email publishers asking for review copies.

Using the correct email: Most publishers will have a email that is just for asking for review copies. You can find this email on their (the publishers) main website under “contact” most of the time.

How to email them: You want to be professional! You should have a “professional” email address.

Demo Email:

Good morning (name or publisher name), 

I am (your name) and I run a book blog call “your blog name”. 
This is were you will say a few things about your blog and yourself. 
You are trying to sell yourself and your blog! 
So be personal (not overly personal) and cheerful. 
Provide links to your blog and past reviews. 
Tell them how many followers you have and other social media that you use too 
talk about books. 
Tell them what your review policy is. 
(If you don't have need one! I can write a post about this and 
how to come up with a review policy if you want). 
You can provide your address if you wish but that is up to you. 

Thank you for the consideration,

(your name) – (blog name) 

Always be kind and honest! Remember you are asking for something. They don’t have to give you a copy. Please be considerate and grateful.


This is the easier one because you don’t have to do anything! Sometimes authors or publishers will contact you. Make sure you have a “About/Contact” page on your blog. Most of the time it will not be well-known authors or publishers but self published authors or smaller publisher companies.

This doesn’t mean that the books aren’t good! I have received great books from self-published authors. Do your research when someone emails you about reviewing books. Make sure that the book is real and not someone trying to get your address. Be careful! Just look on Goodreads and Amazon to see if the book is actually real. You will be able to tell if the author is a real author or not by the email. If they have all the links to their book and their links to their website then you should be safe.

Always check though….don’t give your address to anyone!

These are the three main ways other than going to book events! I hope that this post was helpful. Have any questions then please ask me.

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