we carry the sky – review

we-carry-the-skyWe Carry the Sky by McKayla Robbin

Spoil Free – Summary

Poetry Collection

4 Stars

Pages 145



“i am unfolding my fists and finding flowers there”

-McKayla Robbin

I was sent this book for an honest review. I was very excited to receive this book because I have been seeing it everywhere and I wasn’t disappointed! If you are a fan of Rupi Kaur, Ari Eastman, or Amada Lovelace then this collection is for you.

It tackled some of the big and less talked about issues such as femininity, violence and healing. This collection is broken up into four parts which I loved. It gives the poetry sections and make the collection more understandable in some ways. All of the poems are short and I would say that they are “free” in form (free form) which is my favorite type of poetry to read. 

It was a fast read but it is a important and powerful collection.

All of the poems are understandable. You are not confused or questioning what the author means. The poems are beautifully written with the less amount of words possible which isn’t easy to do.

I am going to list some of my favorite poems below so you can get an idea what the book is like.

"it is pronounced like loss
it is pronounced like broken glass
it is pronounced like trying
to gather yourself
back into your body"
"sometimes to be here at all
despite everything
is the most i can do

even pushing air through my lungs
on certain days
like moving mountains"
"how many days
do we spend
to be smaller
than we are"
"an infinite girl beneath a fixed star

so overflowing, every eyelash
for something"

- passion

I hope that these four poems made you want to read the book because it wonderful! I really want to talk about how powerful this book. It is not just a poetry collection. People don’t like to discuss topics that are “scary” or “hard to talk about” but this collection doesn’t care! It drives deep into these issues and leave no more for discussion. It is perfect. It is breathtaking. It is a book everyone needs to read.

You should read it. You have to read it. We need more books that can give us hope since 2016 was a rough year to put it lightly. These topics of femininity, violence and healing are so important especially in today’s world. You will feel empowered after reading this. 

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