Finding Inspiration

How do I find my inspiration?

I get this question a lot and I find this to be such a hard question because I honestly get my inspiration from everywhere and everyone. I know that this isn’t helpful. But I can be riding in the car and see flowers which will give inspiration for photos. It is easier to find inspiration for my photos than finding inspiration for my blog posts. I have stressed out many times trying to be creative with my posts. For the most part I just try to be myself and let my personality shine through my posts because I am different from any other person in this world…I am my own person…well…this got kinda deep…


Being yourself is the best way to be creative and unique! I have been using circle maps or lists to do my idea planning and it have been so helpful! It is fun to draw the map because it gets my creative side flowing. It is all about making your creativity flow so you can come up with ideas. Here are some of my tips for getting your brain moving:

  • Listen to music! I find that listening to music make me more creative BUT don’t get lost into the music and start singing along. Feel the music and create from it.

  • Draw/Doodle! I always have paper and pen when I am planning because I love drawing up ideas or just doodling nonsense onto my paper. It help clear out the thoughts that are clouding up my head.

  • Write! Sometimes I have a quote or phase in my head that will spark an idea so I always like to write them down. Sometimes they will become openings for posts or I will use them for poems/stories. Soo…always have paper and pen or type things in your notes.

  • Read! Reading is always helpful but you don’t have to read novels all the time! Look at manga, comics, or articles online! Take inspiration from the words around you! Don’t limit yourself.

  • Talk to people/friends! If I have an idea but I can’t get it down onto paper I will talk with my sisters because they can help me put down my abstract idea into some more solid. Getting help is one of the best things you can do! You are not alone.

  • Listen! Listen to the people around you. Hear what they say and learn from people. You never know what someone will say that may spark and idea.

  • Observing! Keep your eyes wide open because your world is FULL of ideas and inspiration. Take a moment and look around you. Really look and I am sure you can find even a crazy-abstract idea that you can mold into something cool.

These are just a few tips but if you have any more tip or would like to add something to this then please leave it in the comments! I would love to read it!

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