How to Write Book Reviews


Since I am changing the way I write my book reviews I thought I would share some tips and ticks about writing good but fun book review. I personal find it hard to make book reviews fun to read. Sometimes I wish I was a Booktuber because I feel like videos would showcase more of my personality. (I know I could make videos….but I am way too shy…hint the name “The Shy Books”…)!


  • Come up with a format (obviously)

  • Spoiler Free or Spoilers?

  • Don’t write a super long review

  • Have fun!


  • Intro

  • Have a section about characters

  • Have a section about plot

  • Have a section about writing style

  • Have a section for pro and cons

  • Conclusion


[Book Title]

[Book Cover] 


[Format of Book]

[Number of Pages]

[Spoilers or Spoiler Free?]


 This is were the you will type intro. 
Just a few sentences about your overall thoughts. 
Next you will talk about your first topic...which could be characters, plot, writing style and so on. 
You will continue with each topic until you reach the end. 
It is kind of like writing a book report for school but much more fun! 
Lastly you will write a conclusion! Just a little summary of your review. 

[Link places where you can buy the book, 
link past reviews, link your social media]

[End - Done]

This is just a basic format and you can change it to fit the kind of review you want to write! I hope that this post was helpful. If you have any questions then please ask me in the comments. I hope you are having a great day! Don’t forget to eat, drink coffee, and read! 🙂

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