Review – Winterspell

winterspellWinterspell by Claire Legrand

Spoil Free Review – Summary

Rating: 3.5


Pages: 454

Simon & Schuster


“You cannot shy away from yourself. Look the world in the eye, and it can do nothing to hurt you.”
Claire Legrand, Winterspell

One of my dear friends gave me this book for Christmas and she said that it was funny and a bit weird. I was so excited to read and see why she said that but she was right in some ways. Lets explore  this book and my thoughts on this interesting read.

This is a retelling of the Nutcracker which is Two-Act ballet. From my research the Nutcracker came from the story, “The Nutcracker and the Mouse King” by Alexandre Dumas. I know the basic story of the Nutcracker but I didn’t know right away it was a retelling. I am very confused about what I should rate this book. I enjoyed the story overall but I think the book had some issues. For example, I think the start of the book was a bit slow. It was just giving me lots of information but nothing was happening. Once things started to happen I really did to enjoyed the book.  

In my last review I did a pro and cons section and I really enjoyed doing that so I am going to keep it unless you guys really hate it.


  • Fun story
  • Unique plot
  • Epic villain


  • Slow start
  • Needs better world building (plot holes?)
  • Ending is rushed

This is why I am struggling with the rating because I enjoyed the book overall but there are some issues that I can’t ignore. I honestly think you should read this book because it is a good and unique story! Before I end this review there are some things I want to say about the issues then you can decide if the issues out weigh the enjoyment of the story.

The main character basically falls in love with a statue. No, I am not kidding. A real statue of a man. If that isn’t weird I don’t know what is but the statue is like the Nutcracker of the story. So, it does make sense.

The world was really cool and interesting but I felt like I could learned so much more about it and how the magic works in this world. I really wished that that author build up the world more because it was lacking in the magic department and the kingdom’s politics.

Lastly, the ending felt rushed! It all happened so fast! It was all cleaned up too perfectly without any issues or consequences! Overall, this book was fun! It’s a crazy re-telling of The Nutcracker…how could you not love that. If you read this or have read this then what are your thoughts? I would love to know.

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