Review – I want Superpowers

i-want-superpowersI Want Superpowers by Steven Bereznai

5 Stars

Spoil Free – Summary


Pages: 255

Jambor Publishing


“Ready for what?” “A revolution”

-Steven Bereznai

I was sent this book for review from the author and  loved it so much! It is one of the best books I have read this month and maybe this year. I must confess that I was nervous because I thought it was going to be about a character wanting powers and it is but it is also so much more. I was blown away with the world it is set in and its politics/laws.  I am praying a second book will be written. I can only imagine how the world will expand.

Let’s get talking about the pros!


  • This book let everyone be who they are! They can like who they like. Be whatever gender they want. There is no discrimination when it comes to matters like this.
  • The world is amazing! Super-heroes and “normal” humans. It is like The Hunger Games meets X-Men.
  • The main character is flawed and she struggles which makes her such a good main character.
  • I love all of the side-characters!
  • Great plot-twist!
  • Stuff isn’t sugar-coated. If something bad happens then bad stuff happens. (This is a weird sentence.)


  • I only have one con which is one character is basically there to help the plot move forward.

I loved this book so much! I can’t explain how fun but powerful this book is. This book deals with issues that can reflect issues in today’s world. I highly recommend this book! Thank you for reading and I hope you will give this book a go because it is awesome!!

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