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I don’t know if this have been done yet but it is a spin on “What’s in my bag?!” I am going to make this into a tag for other bloggers because I think it will be fun! Plus, I am a nosey person.

I am going to show you what is in my blogger bag; the stuff I always need to have while blogging.

I’ll leave links to what I can on the bottom of this post.



What’s in my blogger bag?!

Planner: I have to always have my planner! I cannot live without. It have when I need to post things, stuff for work…it basically holds my life! I got my planner from Target and I adore it so much.

Journal: My journal have all my ideas or lists written in it.

Laptop: Of course I need my laptop! I have the HP Steam and I love it because it is purple! I am a PC girl but I wouldn’t mind having a Mac one day.  

Book & Book Cover: I will always carry the book I am currently reading and since I have to put the book in my bag I have a little protective cover for it. It have Elsa from Frozen on it and I love it!

Earphones: I feel like everyone have earphones in their bag and for good reason! Gotta listen to your music or watch YouTube videos.

Lip Balms: My lips are always dry so I have too have some lip balms. In my bag I have one from Behind the Pages Store and Seven Hearts Wax Co. and they are both amazing!

Pens: I mostly write in black pen but I thought it would be cuter to have my colorful pens for the photos. They are just your Fine Point Sharpie in cute colors.


Planner | 2017 Planner

Book | Touch by Natalia Jaster

Book Cover | Elsa Cover

Lip Balms | Seven Hearts Wax Co. & Behind the Pages Store

I am going tag some people over at Instagram to do this tag so be sure to follow me there as well! I want know what is in your blogger bag – leave a comment and I will be sure to read it.

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