This is Our Canvas – Lindsay Murdock



This is Our Canvas by Lindsay Murdock

Drawings by Andy Hartman


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“I’ve got butterflies  wilting on my insides, when just yesterday they were ready to fly.
 But they died of a broken heart when you decided to say goodbye.”

-Lindsay Murdock

About this Book

This is Lindsay’s debut book. She is also published in several literary journals. She writes to inspire. She writes for humans. “This is Our Canvas” is filled with words about love, hurt, loss, overcoming, and the day to day things we go through. This book is about finding light in the dark. She believes life is not about finding the light at the end of the tunnel, instead, finding light along the way. The title was inspired by us all starting with a blank canvas, we can’t always control what gets put on that canvas but we do decide what we cover it up with. This book is filled with amazing charcoal drawings by the talented Andy Hartman. They truly bring Lindsay’s words to life. People who have been following Lindsay’s work say it is inspiring, honest, brilliant, and written with great style.

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My Thoughts

This book is a different kind of reading experience! It brings drawings and poems together. It reminds me a tiny bit of Milk and Honey since they both have drawings. I enjoy this book and it is a fast read.

It deals with loss, love and the surviving of it all. It is a good book to read after a heartbreak because you are not alone and people everywhere have had their hearts shattered. That is what I loved most about this novel. You can relate and go on this journey with the author.

I am going to list a few  of my favorite poems so you can get an idea of this writing style:

“I am on a swing set on the moon.
 All I ever wanted was to float away and now I can’t seem  to get my feet back on the ground.”
“I will make it. 
 One day, I will.
 When I do, you won’t find me screaming, actually it will be difficult to find me, but when you do, you can watch me sit in a silence that my mind is seeing for the very first time.”

If this seems like something you would like then please check it out! I enjoyed this book and I hope you will as well.  I gave this book a 3.5 Stars on Goodreads.

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