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My most asked question is, “Can you give me tips on how to take photos?” And I find this question so daunting because I am not sure how to put my tricks and tips into words. But I am going to try my best!  This post will be split into two sections. One for tips and the other on finding inspiration. Hopefully this will answer all of your questions and don’t worry. I will be writing a post for editing photos soon.

Disclaimer! I am not a Professional Photographer!

clip-art-cameraTaking Photos

The first thing we need to talk about is what you should use to take your photos. For me, I just use my iPhone which is the 5c and it works perfectly. You can buy a camera such as a Canon or a Nikon but it isn’t necessary. Once you have your phone or camera then you are ready to take photos!


You need good light while taking photos. I cannot state how important light is for photos but you will have to be careful of shadows and glares. There are different ways to help prevent shadows and glares.

For indoor photos shooting by a window will help your photos greatly or you can buy ring-lights or box-lights but it isn’t necessary. Natural light is your friend!

For outdoor photos do not point your camera in the direction of the sun because it will cause glares. Make sure your subject is not facing the sun either. If possible have the sun or the light source at a angle to whatever you are taking a photo of.


Understand your camera! Understanding your camera is the most important thing for taking good photos. Since I just use my phone I don’t know how helpful this will be for camera users.

You can take your photos in the ‘normal photo’ setting or change it to ‘square’. I love to take my photos in the shape of a square. It works best for posting on Instagram.

Use your phone camera’s grid! The grid is your friend. This will help to show you the focal point or what your eye is drawn to within the photo.

Lastly, you the ‘lock on’ feature! This is where you hold down the screen on area you want the camera to focus on. This is so helpful but you don’t always need to use this.

Set Ups:

Your set-ups or backdrops are so important! I love taking my photos outside so I always look for pretty trees, leaves or tall glass. But if you take indoor photos you need to workout what kind of backdrop you want. Some people will buy different kinds of backdrops but you can use rugs, blankets, your bedroom walls! Anything can be a backdrop.

Setting up the background of the photo may take a little bit of time because you want it to look pleasing to the eyes but not the main focus on the photo.

Overall Tips:

Take your time! Sometimes I can take over ten photos of the same setup until it is perfect.

Learn what is best for you.

Practice! Practice! Practice!


I only use Instagram to edit my photos so no other editing apps.

I like to take my photos on semi-cloudy days and in the mornings.

Finding Inspiration

I know you are going to hate this but you can find inspiration everywhere. I am not sure how I can tell you how to be creative…because you already are! You just need to keep your mind wide open.

Sometimes it helps to look for the background of your photo first then work from there.

Creating the Setup and Finding your Theme:

I always make a list of photos/books I want to take. I find that having my ideas on paper is so helpful, less confusing and stressful.

I have a certain way I like my photos to look but finding that theme or aesthetic is hard! If you look at my Instagram you will see many different themes throughout the year. If you know what kind of photos you want to take then you one step closer to taking your perfect shot!

Try different things! Outside photos, indoor photos, use models or props!

clip-art-cameraRemember: sometimes you have to lay in the mud to get the perfect shot! Always be original and do not copy someone’s else photo! Let photos inspire you but do not copy them. Look for inspiration in books, movies, online or at your local coffee shop.

Like anything you will need practice.

If you have anymore questions please leave a comment or send me a DM on Instagram. I will be writing a post on how to edit photos so hit the follow button so you won’t miss out on that!

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