Book Madness 2017


I have some exiting news! I am taking part in Book Madness which is a fun contest between bloggers, bookstagramers, and booktubers and it’s a chance for you guys to win bookish swag and books! Each blogger on will represent a character and it is up too you guys to vote for your favorite! We will give reasons to why you should vote for our character.

I am happy to announce that my character is Cath from Heartless by Marissa Meyer!

Keep reading to help Cath win!

I decided to do a cosplay of Cath for this and it was so fun! Here are my reasons for why you should vote for her:


  1. Cath is a dreamer! That is something I love about her. She dreams of opening a bakery with her best friend even though everyone is against her! Society even say that isn’t popper for a lady to be a business owner but she doesn’t care! She tries to work towards her dream.
  2. She is strong! She is willing too go against the norms too do what she wants and what will make her happy in the future.
  3. She takes a chance on love which isn’t easy to do! She follow her heart and tell her King and Parents that she loves someone else. She is so brave.

Use this link to vote for Cath ⇢ https: //

Thank you! I hope you will give Cath a vote.

Too see more Cath cosplay photos please follow my Instagram.

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