Review – Touch


Touch by Natalia Jaster

4 Stars



Pages: 274


“He holds out a trembling hand and traces the shape of her arm, descending to her elbow. “You’re like mist,” he says. “You really don’t feel this?”

Love shakes her head. “No.”

But that’s not entirely true, because this illusion of a touch has turned her into a current, this human has reached down to her bones.

-Natalia Jaster, Touch

Natalia Jaster’s writing is always so lovely and her stories are so unique. If haven’t read any of her books then you need to do so!


I loved this book! It was such an emotional read and the writing was beautiful.

What I loved most about this book was Love’s, the main character, personality. She was sassy, wanting and stubborn and I enjoyed that her love- interest is just as stubborn as her. I loved that they didn’t always get along. It made their ‘love’ so much more real.

The story was emotional since it was  dealing with love but who doesn’t  love a book about Eros! If you don’t know Eros is the Greek God of love. The story could of expanded on the world of the Faiths but it didn’t and for that reason I couldn’t give it a full five stars.


  • Beautiful Writing
  • Great Love Story – the love is realistic


  • World Building – could of been expanded on


Highly recommend this book! You need to read it!

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