Warp Up – March 2017

I read three books this month so lets chat about them and of course I would love to hear about the books you read in March so please leave them in the comments!



The author sent me this book for review and I loved it! I gave it four stars and if you want to read my ‘Spoil Free Review’ click here!

The author also sent me the next book and I am so excited to read it. I am planning on reading it in April. I will be writing a review for it as well.

Summary | Amazon




I feel like so many people have read this book.

Have you read it? Your thoughts?

It is being made into a movie as well.

Summary | Amazon



sun star



It is now one of my favorite books ever! I will be writing a review for this and posting it next week so keep your eyes peeled for that.

You need to read this book. The writing is so incredible and the story is mind-blowing beautiful.

Summery | Amazon


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