Who She Was – Review

who she was

Who She Was by Stormy Smith

3 Stars


Pages: 307

Summary – Goodreads

Spoil Free Review

I was sent this book for review from the author.

This book is your typical love story but it also incorporates topics about what a lot of young adults have to deal with in this day and age so I really appreciate that. I thought while reading this book that it could be helpful for many people. Plus, if I was younger I would have freaking flipped out for the love story.

I enjoyed reading this book since it deals with some meaningful topics and the two main characters has depth but the plot was something I read before. Sure, there was some twists but overall it wasn’t an outstanding plot. I loved the mystery aspects but I thought that the pace was a bit slow.  Lastly, the story ending was so perfect with a happily ever after which is fine but I was excepting something more.


  • Good characters
  • Powerful topics


  • Slow pace  
  • Ended a little to perfectly

Check out this book because it would be a fun summer read! It is cute but meaningful with a sweet ending.

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