My May Wrap Up

I read five books this month and I am so proud of myself! Let’s just jump right into it or I will just say a lot of random pointless things!

paper princess

The Paper Princess by Erin Watt

I will not be reviewing this book and I didn’t gave this book a rating on Goodreads because while I had fun reading it (the drama) this the plot does have some issues such as abusive relationships. In some moments I was unconformable reading this book. Therefore, I won’t be reading the next book in the series.

I don’t recommend to people under 18.



the 100th queen

The Hundredth Queen by Emily R. King

I loved this book! It was a strong introduction into a fantasy series. Please check out my review here for all of my thoughts.

4 Stars | Goodreads


A Court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah J. Maas

Ahhhhh! THIS BOOK!

This is my favorite series so of course I’m still not over this book. I will never be over it. Do you guys want me to write a post about all of my thoughts and feelings about this book or the whole series?

4.5 Stars | Goodreads

the jewel

The Jewel by Amy Ewing

I was in the mood for a cheesy dystopian romance and this book delivered!

It wasn’t the best book but it was fun and a fast read. But sometimes I just want a easy read that will give me all the feels, you know?

3 Stars | Goodreads

a thousand

A Thousand Pieces of You by Claudia Gray

I wasn’t sure if I was going to like this book but…I did! The story was so unique and I enjoyed watching the love story unfold. I might writing a review for this book so if you really want a review please let me know!

4 Stars | Goodreads

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