The Casquette Girls – Review

the casquette girls

“You don’t control their minds, ma fifille, you control their hearts” 
Alys Arden, The Casquette Girls





The Casquette Girls by Alys Arden

Release Date | 2015

Amazon Publishing | SkyScape

My Rating | 5 Stars

Review | Spoil Free

I found out about this book because Amazon Publishing contacted me about the series and the 2nd book which was released last month. I am so glad that they contacted me about these books because I am loving the series. This review will only be on the first book, The Casquette Girls.

A beautiful book that takes you on a magical, historical ride that will leave you begging for more!

I don’t even know where to began because this book is a masterpiece! It is fun, it has depth and a romance that will bring out your fangirl/boy side.

Summary | Goodreads

The two main reasons I love this book is because of the main character, Adele, and the history aspect of the plot. Adele has so much depth as a character and I instantly fell in love with her. While the history aspect brings so much depth into the plot. I am all for stories with deep and in depth worlds and characters.

This book is around 600 pages but you will fly through the book. The plot is well thought-out and every scene beings something to the story. There’s no random or pointless moments.

While I love this book there was one thing that I not fond of because it is a little cliché which happens at the end of the book with the romance…(skip ahead to avoid this little spoiler)!


When Isaac lie to Adele about Nicco, making her think he betrayed her! I could not believe it!! I am so mad at Isaac for this – no matter what his reasons are he shouldn’t have told her this lie.


Overall, I really enjoy this book and I highly recommend it. You need this book in your life! And can we talk about that cover?! BEAUTIFUL!

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