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I am so excited to share this candle company with you guys! I love their candles because they are beautiful, they burn wonderfully and there scents can fill a whole room! Keep reading to see the interview I done with the shop’s owners as well as some photos of their candles.

Pssttt….if you decide to by a candle or two here’s a 15% off code: SHY15


  Tell me a little about yourself and your shop.

  • Nick and I are young dreamers with entrepreneurial spirits! We love the outdoors, books, travelling, and of course, candles! We love to try new things and explore, always looking to learn more and grow in the process.  I’m a goofball who gets excited about life quite easily and I am the creative brain of the company!  Nick is more math and numbers based but he has a degree in Sustainability and an eye for detail.

When did you learn to make candles?

  • About a year ago!

Why did you decide to make a bookish/fandom candle shop?

  • I discovered bookstagram last September and originally had an account solely for taking photos and being creative with books and bookish things.  It wasn’t long before I discovered bookish candles and FREAKED OUT. Haha it was my two loves put together and the labels were always so beautiful.  I was tempted to order some several times but shipping to Canada from anywhere is a little too expensive. So, I do what I usually do, and just decided to make them myself! I looked up how to make candles on google, experimented with supplies bought from my local craft store, and eventually started ordering supplies to make even better candles.  Around Christmas I said, “why not make this my next small business venture!?” and so I did! (:

Why did you decide to name your shop Wander Lights Candle Co.?

  • Nick actually came up with the name! We were brainstorming for a few days once I decided to start the shop, my original name was taken (thanks etsy), so Nick helped me with this one! The name comes from the word Wanderlust, which is a desire or longing for places we’ve never been.  This fit so perfectly with bookish candles and I decided to theme the candles around fictional places we’ll never be able to go to but always want to.

Explain your candle making process? From the idea to the actually candle.

  • Oh this is a good one!! So Nick and I’s process is a little different.  I like to think of a book, movie, or fictional place then decide which scents make sense to me.  Nick likes to think of fun and interesting scent combos and then pair it to a fictional place.  Whichever way we start we always end up testing the ideas.  First on q-tips in jars, and then in little tea lights to do test burns! It’s always a lot of fun.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

  • I love Pinterest! But my main idea generation comes from just reading the book or watching the movie/tv show. I don’t make candles for anything I haven’t experienced myself (unless it’s a custom) because I want it to make sense, I want a connection to the candle itself, and I want to be authentic when it comes to my creativity!

What is your favorite candle that you have ever made?

  • Oh my goodness, that’s so tough!! Menagerie is probably up there but I also love Hufflepuff, Currently Reading, and Day Court.  Hufflepuff was the first candle that I made and instantly said “ohmygoodnessnickyouhavetosmellthis ohmygoshimsoproudofthisone”

Do you have any future plans for the shop that you can tell us about?

  • Oh yes! That’s so fun! I have decided to keep our #Bookstagram and our June candle of the month: Book Boyfriend on permanent collection! Since we are wanderlusters at heart, we are going to start a non-fictional locations line as well.  Canada inspired and Wanderlust inspired!  I’m also excited for our Halloween collection, which I know is a long way off but I’ve already started brainstorming limited edition scent mixes!


Please check out their shop because they are lovely and their candles are so great! If you buy a candle please tell me which one the comments.

Don’t forget the 15% off code: SHY15

Wander Lights Candle Co. ⇢ Website | Instagram

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