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I don’t know how of many you know but I am a big fan of Natalia Jaster’s books! She just released a new one call Dare! I did an interview with Natalia earlier this year so check that out here but just be warned it has some spoilers for her book Trick!

Natalia Jaster | Books


Dare | A Dangerous Love Story

Summary | Goodreads

My Review | 5 Stars


Trick | A Foolish Love Story

Summary | Goodreads

My Review | 5 Stars


Touch | Fate is Tempted

Summary | Goodreads

My Review |4 Stars

Why I Love These Books

Each book have a underlining issue, a powerful meaning that is woven around a unique plot and fun characters!

Her first book, Touch is beautiful story but I will say (even though I don’t wanna) it is my least favorite out of the three. I am only saying this because I want books for all the side characters. Haha!

Trick is amazing! I love the world it is set in and the characters are so funny and loveable. Natalia always amazes me with how well she writes her characters. This story is about a foolish love but it is more than that. It is about freedom and not fearing what you don’t understand. I can’t even put this book into words but it is one of my favorites.

Her newest book, Dare has to be my favorite out of the three. This is the second book too Trick for it is set in the same world but the characters are different. This deals with the main issue that is talked about in Trick but other characters are dealing with it. The writing…it is just out of this world!

Guys! You need these books in your lives. I hope you will buy them and if you do tell me in the comments!

TRICK Amazon
DARE ⇢ Amazon

TOUCH Amazon

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