Me & Milo the Great | Review

me and milo

“My name is Holiday Sanchez. I carry a heavy burden. But I’m not the only one. There are others who know what it feels like to remember. Maybe we can help each other. Maybe they are the answer. Maybe we can help each other. Maybe I’ll finally get past it. Maybe it just takes- and a little bit of magic.”

Spoil Free Review

Me & Milo the Great by Michelle Schlicher

4.5 Stars

Release Date | September 14th

Summary | Goodreads

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Pages | 250

A story about what it takes to survive, live and even learn to believe in a little bit of magic.

The author sent me this book for a honest review! I am happy to say that I really love this book. Therefore, I am giving it 4.5 stars! This is an ARC (advance reader copy) but it will be release on September 14th!

I don’t read many contemporaries because I am very picky about them but this one is amazing! I only have a handful of contemporaries that I adore and this one is now on that list. It is a story about a girl with anxiety, trying to survive her past and live but it won’t be easy to forget the pain.

The plot switches back and forth from the present and her past which makes the story much richer. You aren’t just told her story but you she shown it which I think is better. This story doesn’t sugar coat anxiety or make it seem like shyness which I appreciate.

I personal like the main character, Holiday, she shows her suffering but she finds a way to help herself survive the pain. It is a powerful story. The only reason I am not giving this book a full 5 stars is because the ending was a bit clean-cut for me but I do appreciate that you see Holiday still learning to live with her anxiety and her past. Not every story ends perfectly and dealing with mental health issues takes time and can’t be solve with just love (But it can help!)!

I hope you check this book out because I love it! It is one of my favorites of the year.

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