Bookstore Adventure

“Where is human nature so weak as in the bookstore?”
Henry Ward Beecher

My not so crazy bookstore adventure…

I love going to the bookstore even if I am not buying any books. I just like being surrounded by stories, the smell of coffee and the rush of excitement from all of the new books waiting to be discovered.

I went to the bookstore (well..duh.) that is closest to me which is a Books-a-Millions but I am hoping to do a post about my favorite independent bookstore soon. I do love my local Books-a-Million because it is never crowned (well…I always go when they first open…) and I adore that the workers just leave me alone to look at books. I hate when the workers keep asking if I need help but I know it is a their jobs…but still I like to be left alone.

What do you look at first when you go to the bookstore? For me, I always go to the Young Adult section or the Autograph section. Luckily, this Books-a-Million has a section with all of their signed books! I love looking at the author’s signatures.

Of course I always have to check out the anime, manga, comic book section! If you guys do not know I also enjoy watching anime, reading manga and I love looking at the covers of comics. I can do a recommendation list for these if you like! Just let me know in the comments. My twin sister really loves anime and manga so she is always over in that area.

During this little adventure I found three books that I wanted!

I have added these books to my wish-list! I couldn’t buy them at the time but hopefully sometime soon. Do you have some books on your wish-list?

Most bookstores have a bargain section so of course I had to check out what books they had on sale. You can sometimes find great books for under $5! The only thing I hate is on the back of the book(s) they have a sticker with the marked down price on it! It is a nightmare getting it off! Stickers and books do not mix.

Lastly, I always check out the magazines. I don’t read many magazines but I like looking at the covers. Plus, my twin always want to check out her favorite anime magazine. Do you read magazines? If so, what type…fashion, informational? I love looking at the Time Magazines because sometimes they have really cool topics such as the Harry Potter edition (July’s edition??)!

Tell me what you like to do at bookstores…where do you look first? This time around I didn’t buy anything…*shock*…I have a few books I want to read first before I buy more and plus my birthday is coming soon so I am sure I will get some books then! I never did a post like this before but if you like then I will do more because I had a lot of fun writing it for you guys. Thanks for reading and let me know what you are currently reading in the comments!

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