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“It’s not true, she thought, It isn’t true. It’s a lie. It’s a deception. Tangled words. Tangled thoughts. A tangled web.”

Spoil Free Review | 3.5 Stars

The Tangle Ebook Cover


The Tangle by Aria E. Maher

3 Stars

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Pages | 163

The author kindly sent me a copy of her book for a honest review. This book is a really short read but it is so much fun because it is creepy. I am giving this book 3 stars because I felt like the story didn’t explain fully about the “house”, the “Uncle” or any of the supernatural elements. The book could have been longer because the story needs more of explanation and character development.

I loved reading and it was scary at some points but I am easily scared so I am not sure how scary it is for you people who read and love horror but still it is pretty creepy.

This is pretty random and this didn’t affect the rating I gave the book but the cover doesn’t reflect the story in my opinion. I think an old house on the cover would have made the cover more interesting and give more of a hint to what the story is about.

Overall, the book is entertaining and a fast read BUT I can’t overlook the issues that some things aren’t explained well enough. Maybe…the author thought leaving some of the more weird/creepy elements up to the reader would make the story a bit more eerie but I still feel like there is not enough facts for the reader to even draw their own conclusions.

Thanks to the author for sending me a copy and if you decide to pick this up please let me know in the comments!

About The Author

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Aria E. Maher has been writing for almost her entire life. Her first real, honest-to-goodness book, a mystery/fantasy entitled Behind Her Mask was Death, was published in October, 2016.

Aria lives and works full time in her room, doing horrendously difficult math, learning a dead language, and voraciously reading everything from The Selection to The Count of Monte Cristo. She also works part time keeping small children from killing themselves on gym equipment. The Tangle is her second book, her first full length novel, and the first time she has ever been made slightly scared by something she wrote herself.


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