The Monster of Selkirk Book 2 – Review


“…try to remember me as that little girl who would sleep on the library floor and the woman who climbed up a tower to return your coat and rescue you from the monastery.”

C.E. Clayton

Spoil Free Review | 4.75 Stars

The Monster of Selkirk – The Heart of the Forest by C.E. Clayton

4.75 Stars

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Pages | 335

The author sent me this book for an honest review

A journey to find the truth but is the truth really worth the cost?

I love this book! If you haven’t read my review for the first book check it out here. I’m giving this book 4.75 stars! This book is even better than the first which is rare for fantasy series. 

The book picks up where the last one left off with Tallis and the gang stuck in jail for a bar fight. What makes this book better than the first is the witty dialogue, more world building and answers. In my opinion, most first books in a fantasy is a lot of information dump about the world. It takes a great writer to make this information dump become a part of the story and not just boring information. This author does this pretty well but instead of it being the first book it is the second book in this series that accomplished this which is why I love this book more than the first.

One of the main issues I had with the first book was the ending. I felt like the story just cut off without a solid ending or even cliffhanger, but this book’s ending is PERFECT! I’m so pumped for the 3rd book. The fantasy series has it all! Monsters, a war, witty characters, a cute romance and a kingdom’s politics (which I hope will be even more present in the next book because I love reading about a kingdom’s rules and laws.). I highly recommend this series so please give it a chance. It is a mix between LOTR and Uprooted by Naomi Novik; a story of a journey and a magical forest.

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