Living Life as a Main Character


I am super excited to be re-launching my blog! I am changing a lot because I wasn’t happy with what my blog was before. It was just another book blog which is fine but… I want to do more than just post reviews or a monthly haul. I want to let my creativity show through my words and not just my photos.

I have only posted around three posts so far. This one and two others which you can see here and here. I did a poll and most people preferred that I didn’t have a lot of posts already up and ready so that is why the blog is pretty bare but don’t worry! More posts are coming soon.

I am going to give you a kind of outline for what I want this blog to be. The posts I do have up are pretty stranded but that is because the more exciting posts take time which is fine because I want them to be the best they can be. I hope that fine with you as well! But before we get into that I thought I would introduce myself a little bit. Well, you can call me Bunny but that isn’t my real name. It is the name I use online…not because I hate my real name, I actually really love it. It just turned out this way (this is such a long explanation about my nickname and it doesn’t even explain anything haha).

I read YA mostly and fantasy is my favorite. I am also writing a YA fantasy book but I am just in the planning stages with like a few chapters written. A few other things I love are anime, manga, watching vlogs, fashion and taking nature photos. I have a cat name Max and he is basically my child. My best friend and I share a fish! His name is Czerny but if you ask my twin sister what’s his name is she would tell you something different. Recently, I got a new kitten and his name is Sasuke. Do you know where his name come from?

That’s basically me in a nutshell so let’s get on with talking about each section of the blog.

There are basically five main section, reviews, features, mental health, posts and life plus the about me section but I am not going to talk about that because I don’t see the point (check it out if you need to contact me for any reason). I will be adding more and more as things progress.


I am not just reviewing books but shows and movies! I might add more to this later on during the year such a music, bookshops around me and food! I need to work everything out but I am starting with just the simple things first.


This is mainly for promotions and things I work on for companies or authors such as tours and interviews. I am going to try not to do a lot of these just ones I think will be fun or something I think you guys would love to see or learn about.

Mental Health

This is the most newest thing about my blog and it is very important to me. I am sure you can guess why I am adding this section. I have a few mental illnesses but I won’t go into that here. I want to help people with my experiences. This isn’t something we should forget about. Mental health is important and it won’t just go away.

I want to state here about trigger warnings for this area of the blog because there will be sensitive material here but don’t worry I will state this on each mental health post.


This is where all the random and fun posts will be from the normal things such as monthly hauls and some of the series I am planning out (more information about that is coming soon)!


The life section will be about the things I am doing and DIYs or Décor. This is a new step for me because I have never blog about these things before but I am going to try! I know a lot of people ask about my hair so I will be doing a post about that fairly soon.

I am just beyond excited! I hope you are excited as well and if you have anything you would like me to talk about or ideas then please leave a comment!

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