Currently reading! Moody or not?

I am such a mood reader. I am always reading at least two books at a time and if I get library books then there’s no hope for me. I like having choices and I make choices base on my emotions…I am a very emotional person. I am not moody just very human. So, how many books do you read at a time and are you a mood reader?

I know some people can only read one book at a time and if you are one of those people then please tell me your ways! How do you keep your moods in check to keep reading one book when you are feeling the complete opposite. I will say I am only reading three books right now which is good for me. But two of them are fantasies and if you follow me on Instagram then this wouldn’t be a surprise. Haha! Soo, on to the books!

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First book is Foundryside by Robert Jackson Bennett and I was so happy when I saw this in the mail from the publisher. This is an adult fantasy but what drew me to it was the blurb from Brandon Sanderson because I just read one of his books last month and I am in love with the way he tell stories. So, I had to have this book of course! Haha! At least that is what I keep telling myself when I add it to my ever growing pile of books.

From what I have gather it is about a thief who gets over her head when she steals something that can open anything at all. That is all I know but it sounds pretty cool and I am really into adult fantasy at the moment.


Next, I am reading this YA fantasy call, Realm of Ruins by Hannah West! This book isn’t out yet but I believe it will come out this December.  I am really excited about this book  because I haven’t read a good young adult fantasy in forever it seems like. (I have only read the opening so far)

What makes this book seem really interesting is the line on the back of the ARC, “…with elements from Beauty and the Beast and The Little Mermaid…” and I am just so curious about the whole storyline now. I will be reviewing this one so keep your eyes open for it!

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The last book I am reading is call Bloodmark by Aurora Whittet and it is a werewolf story. I haven’t read a supernatural book since I was a teen but because of this it is something nostalgic for me. This might be because the series of books that got me into reading was Twilight…yes, I was one of those people. Haha! I will stand by this series because it made me into the reader I am today but there some issues with the book.

Anywayyyy! This post isn’t about the Twilight saga so getting back on track this book is going to be so so much fun and I am already enjoying it. I am just hoping it will be more dark and no insta-love but I will keep you guys updated on that over on my Goodreads.


These are the three books I am reading but please tell me what you are reading in the comments below because I would really like to know. Make sure to follow me on my Instagram (bookstagram) for more bookish content.

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Thanks so much for reading and I will be back with another post soon!

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