About Me

About Me:

My name is Bunny and I am 22 years old. I love talking about books and helping people to discover new worlds. I mostly read Young Adult Literature but I do read some other genres such as Poetry, Graphic Novels, and Adult Fiction. With my love of books I try to bring my love for photography and story telling to this blog.

Updated Q & A | Frequently Asked Questions

About this Blog:


I started this blog to help more people find a love for reading and story telling. I review books, give recommendations, and do other fun bookish posts.

I want people to feel happier and magical after reading my posts and seeing my photos. Books are magic and I am using this blog to spread that magic.

Contact Information:

  • the.shybooks@gmail.com

Review Policy:

  • Contact me through my email.
  • Tell me the title, author of the book and any other details I should know for the review.
  • I post reviews here and on Goodreads and amazon if requested.
  • I do not review ebooks.
  • I don’t sell ACRs after reading them – I love keeping my ARCs.

Social Media:

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