Just a young woman living life with literature. I like to pretend that I am the main character of a story and I guess in a way I am. The story of my life with me staring as me. The reason why I started blogging about books is because of a bad break up (bala lala a sad story) and I wanted to throw my energy into something I love which happens to be books.

I wasn’t always a reader not until I was about fourteen years old and I am not just a reader so this blog will be more than a book blog. I will posy my life, writing, mental health, movies and whatever else I think I want to share. While this blog is for me I hope it will help people find the magic in the world. That is the main goal of this blog!

With all of that said I do take requests from authors, publishers and companies for features on here or my Instagram. All reviews will be honest while following the guidelines of each author, publisher or company. If you have any questions please fill this form out below or email me at the.shybooks@gmail.com.