Birthday Haul + Update 2017

I am finally getting around to posting about the books I got for my birthday. I turned 23 on September twenty-six and I got two books for my birthday! That may not seem like a lot but I am very grateful for them.

I didn’t do much this year but I feel like the older you get people seem to careless about birthdays. I know I haven’t had a birthday party in years but I am not a very social person either so it doesn’t bother me. My older sister and my friend (basically my other older sister) got me a book and they took me out to a restaurant, a book sale and a Halloween shop. It was so super fun day.

My parents gave me some money which is a great gift in my opinion. I bought one book with some of that birthday money. I’ll give you a hint on which book I bought…it came out on my birthday. Without further a due here are the two books I got plus a little update on random blog things! Continue reading “Birthday Haul + Update 2017”